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    Q: I would like to ask Rabbi Anava a question, what is the best way to get an answer?

    A: We get here hundreds of questions daily directed to Rabbi Anava. In order to better assist you and to receive an answer as fast as possible, please use the Q&A page to submit your question. The answer will be posted on that page and you will receive a notification by email when the answer is posted. You can mark the question as private if you do not wish for your question to be posted. You can find the Q&A page on the top tab bar or simply Click Here. Questions that will be submitted via the above form on this page will take much longer to process and to receive an answer. You may also browse answers that were already given by Rabbi Anava to other users on Q&A pages by text, audio and video


    Q: I would like to meet Rabbi Anava in person, is that possible?

    A: Rabbi Anava lives in Israel. If you live in Israel or are visiting Israel and you would like to meet Rabbi Anava, you can submit your request using form above and Rabbi Anava’s PA will contact you. If you live in the USA, Rabbi Anava visits every 2-3 months for lecture tours in different cities. You can find the schedule of tours in the Events page or by Signing up to our Newsletter to be notified of future tours. Personal meetings must be booked in advance through Rabbi Anava’s PA.


    Q: How do I order CDs?

    A: Visit the CDs page on the top tab bar or Click Here.  On that page,  you can select which CDs you want, continue from that page to ‘check out’ where you can select the amount of CDs you want and proceed according to instructions. Once placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email. Ordering CDs through this system saves us time in processing your order.


    Q: Where can I find Rabbi Anava’s lectures and schedule of classes?

    A: Rabbi Anava’s schedule of lectures, classes, events and tours are posted on the ‘Events’ page that can be found on the top tab bar or Click Here. Once on the event page, you will see the events displayed on the calendar. By clicking on the event title, you will see full details of the event.


    Q: Does accept donations?

    A: Yes. you may use the Donate page that can be found on the top tab bar on the right or simply Click Here